30 Minutes To Fitness Step Boxing Kelly Coffey-Meyer DVD

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30-Minutes to Fitness "Stepboxing 2" has two 30-minute workouts, a bonus dumbbell segment and added premixes to give you numerous workouts on one DVD.


Both Stepboxing workouts offer a perfectly paced, move-by-move instruction that keeps you working hard and engaged throughout.

These workouts are fantastically fun, consistently upbeat and uniquely effective!


“Stepboxing 2” has a bonus strength segment that will challenge you from head to toe with the use of only one moderate DB.

This bonus is used in a few premixes but can also be used as a quick stand-alone session, or an add-on to another workout.


The premixes on this DVD include a double session of Stepboxing, intervals of Stepping and DB exercises, cardio drills & DB exercises and more.

Workout 1 - 29 Minutes

Workout 2 - 26 Minutes



Combined Workouts - 48 Minutes

Workout 1 with Dumbbell moves - 32 Minutes

Workout 2 with Dumbbell moves - 30 Minutes

Dumbbell Drills Only - 18 Minutes

Cardio Drills Only - 14 Minutes

Cardio and Dumbbell Drills Intervaled - 23 Minutes

Workout 1 without Cardio Drills - 25 Minutes

Workout 2 without Cardio Drills - 23 Minutes

Workout 1 with Dumbbell Drills instead of Cardio Drills - 28 Minutes

Workout 2 with Dumbbell Drills instead of Cardio Drills - 27 Minutes

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