Burn At The Barre Advanced Workout Ballett DVD

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Pilates Sports Center challenges you once again with the ''Burn at the Barre Advanced Workout''.


For lovers of Barre workouts this particular creation promises to challenge you in new, innovative ways. Built on Pilates/Chiropractic and Dance principles, this workout will keep you safe while punching you to new levels.


Our trainers demonstrate two levels of intensity side-by-side for variety.

The vivacious style and great cueing will guide barre enthusiasts through a tough routine that can be done over and over again!

Please check out PSC's entire library of DVDs, including the original ''Burn at the Barre'' with three levels and ''Burn at the Barre for Beginners''.


With Burn at the Barre by your side, you will be ready to shed unwanted body fat, build long lean sexy muscle, improve endurance, and carve out thighs, glutes and core muscles.

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