CRUNCH Fat Burning Dance Party - Jennifer Galardi (DVD)

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Welcome to CRUNCH Fitness! Let's get this party started!


Crunch major calories while you get down with this fun, energetic workout.

There are three easy-to-follow workouts that we think are more like parties.

There's salsa party, party funk and the retro party.


Even if you're not a dancer, don't worry. Jennifer breaks each combo down into basic steps so you can just jump right in with both feet (literally!).


You'll start with some Latin attitude as Jennifer mambos and sambas you through a cardio fiesta.

Next, it's time to get funky - you'll move and groove with some high energy combos that'll have you burnin' fat as you burn up the dance floor!

Last, Jennifer finishes with a retro dance section that's loaded with flash-back choreography and is just plain fun.


Exercise doesn't have to feel like work!

So join the Fat Burning Dance Party and get your calorie-burning groove on.

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