Dance Off The Inches: Tummy Tone Party Zone mit Marie Forleo (DVD)

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  • Herkunft: USA

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Losing inches has never been so easy! If you want to tone, trim, and tighten your waistline, this party is for YOU! So set aside your inhibitions and let’s groove! Dance leader Marie Forleo and her friends take you through two different dance sequences specifically designed to cinch that midsection and flatten your belly!


Awarded Top Workout in November by SHAPE magazine, with this DVD you’ll feel your abs engaging and getting stronger the minute you begin.

Next you’ll move to the mat for a quick, no-nonsense abs workout that’ll start you on your way to those washboard abs.


This dual-approach to abs work – fat burning cardio dance paired with targeted toning – is the fastest way to get the waistline you’ve always wanted!


This program features the Dance Off The Inches Step Guide. In just 10 minutes, your dance leader will teach you the 10 simple steps that are all you’ll need to know to easily dance off the inches through this whole program.

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