Dave Weckl: The Next Step - DVD

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Perfect for beginning, intermediate, and advanced drummers.

Dave Weckl started playing the drums at the age of eight.


Since winning multiple awards throughout his high school and college careers, Dave has had the opportunity to tour, record, and play with some of the greatest entertainers of our time, including Simon & Garfunkel, George Benson, Diana Ross, and Chick Corea.

On this DVD, Dave concentrates on time playing, constructing a groove, beat displacement, cymbal technique, phrasing, creating a drum part, playing in odd times, and soloing.


This video also features three performances of songs from Contemporary Drummer + One, a Latin groove, and some fantastic solos.

▪ Bonus Video Performances Featuring Dave and Walfredo Reyes, Sr
▪ Chad Smith's Breaking the Girl Performance
▪ Complete Dave Weckl Catalog Preview
▪ Printable Educational Materials Using DVD-ROM
▪ Internet Connectivity

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