Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Stretch, Turnout & Extensions Ballett DVD

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In this new video, Finis Jhung has created 17 exercises especially designed to show you how to stretch safely and correctly so that you will strengthen and improve your turnout and extension.


Finis shows and explains each exercise step-by-step, and then it is demonstrated by Isabella Boylston of The American Ballet Theater.


The floor exercises are done both sitting up as well as lying down, which allows you to stretch without stress or strain on your muscles and joints.


Each barre exercise includes detailed instructions and demonstrations on how to bring your floor stretches to a standing position while displaying your maximum turnout and extension with balance and control.


Teaching in New York City since 1972, Finis Jhung has enabled thousands of dancers to become their personal best. As you will see, the secrets to success can be yours.


1. Half split stretch

2. Full split stretch

3. Plié stretch with feet apart

4. Plié stretch with feet together

5. Développé to the front: on your side

6. Développé to the front: on your back

7. Développé to the side: on your back

8. Arabesque roll-ups 



1. Strengthen your turn-out in plié

2. Rond de jambe à terre, en l'air, grand rond de jambe

3. Battement, fondu, développé to the front & side

4. Développé, battement fondu to the front & side

5. Arabesque stretch, penchée

6. Grand battement to the front, tombé, stretch

7. Grand battement to the back, stretch

8. Grand battement to the side

9. Adagio with grand rond de jambe

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