Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins Blast Belly Fat DVD

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This is the workout that will flatten your stomach, shrink your waistline and blast the belly fat!


Hollywood Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins has creatively combined the three most effective styles of training to Blast the Belly Fat!


The guaranteed belly fat blasting combination of :


1- Belly fat burning cardio

2- Total body core sculpting

3- Ab defining core exercises


All in one super calorie burning, adrenaline pumping workout!

Using an exercise ball and dumbbells, Jeanette will keep you excited with her creative and fun Blast the Belly Fat Circuits, which can be done individually on days that you are short on time or all together for a challenging workout.


Jeanette will finish the workout with ab defining mat work.

This is the workout that will Blast the Belly Fat and reveal those sexy sculpted abs!

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