NBA Dynasty Series: Philadelphia 76ers (6-DVD-Set)

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An exhaustive overview of The Philadelphia 76ers is provided by this sensational release.

With host Darryl Dawkins at the helm, the highs and lows of the team are chartered, with special players highlighted, and action from an enormous amount of games included.

Philly's fans should relish the chance to see their heroes in action once again, and with the many hours of footage included here, their appetites will be more than sated.

1983 Championship Highlight Program "That Championship Feeling"

The Greatest Rivalries
Philadelphia 76ers - Los Angeles Lakers
Philadelphia 76ers - Boston Celtics

Allen Iverson: the answer

Player Profiles
▪ Julius Erving
▪ Wilt Chamberlain
▪ Moses Malone
▪ Maurice Cheeks
▪ Darryl Dawkins
▪ Charles Barkley

▪ Allen Iverson

1982 Conference Finals, Game 7
Game 7 in the Boston Garden.

1983 NBA Finals, Game 4
Moses, Dr. J and company sweep the Lakers.


1990 Conference Finals, Game 3
Barkley leads Philly against the Bulls.

2001 NBA Finals, Game 1
Iverson scores 48 points against Lakers in overtime.

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