New York Giants Team History NFL Football 2-DVD-Set

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The rich and storied history of the New York Giants is presented from the earliest days of the franchise up to the 2004 training camp. Highlighted by two Superbowl trophies the Giants are one of the most celebrated teams in the history of the NFL.

Included are highlights of the 1958 NFL Championship where the Giants battled the Baltimore Colts to what many believe is the greatest game in NFL history.


Disc 1 

Alice Sherman Wire 

Michael Strahan Wire 

Jim Fassel Wire I 

Jim Fassel Wire II  

1986 NFC Championship Game 

Abe Gibron 

Mel Hein Bio

Steve Owen Bio

"Tuffy" Leemans Bio

Harry Carson Profile

L.T. vs. Jaws


Disc 2

Rosie Brown Bio

Sam Huff Bio

Andy Robustelli

Emlen Tunnell

Legacy Of The Giants Defense

Frank Gifford Profile

Pat Summerall Profile 

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