Streetball Classics Volume 2 Basketball DVD + Musik CD

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For tha love of tha game...
Remember when it was about the love of the game. About the neighborhood rep and bragging rights.


This is not one of those corporate streetball videos that now feature NBA players.

This is Streetball Volume 2, real street ball, real moves, the absolute truth!!


Streetball has always been about controlling your court, having a rep and who is the next hottest kid on the block.

It is about fire hydrant and Summer time in NYC. It is about your love of the game. Skillz!!

SBC Volume 2 features the hottest streetball players in the Big Apple: Bone Collector, Headache, Cross Country, Kareem Reid and the amazing Mike Green (A.K.A. No Exception).

Hot dunks, ankle breakin crosses, nasty dimes and more are featured in this 2nd installment of the Platinum selling Streetball Classics Volume 1.


Whether you are an avid fan of streetball or if you just like Hip Hop drama, this is the perfect DVD for your collection.

Special Features
▪ Dunkfest Countdown
▪ Crossover Academy
▪ Get It Outta Here
▪ Headache's Shooting Tips 101
▪ Bone Collector's Dribbling Instructions
▪ Bonus Mixtape CD inside featuring music
by some of today's hottest artists!

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