Suzanne Bowen Barre Amped Fire Extreme Sculpt Ballett DVD

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BarreAmped, voted best barre DVD by Fitness Magazine, brings you it's latest release, BarreAmped Fire Extreme Sculpt.


Five Advanced Muscle Torching Routines! BarreAmped Fire Extreme Sculpt is a challenging and fast paced collection of classic barre workouts that will have you shaking to change quickly.

You will need something to hold onto, a set of hand weights, and a mat for these routines.


Suzanne Bowen, founder of SBF and creator of BarreAmped has more than 15 years experience in the fitness industry.

Classically trained in The Lotte Berk Method, the original barre studio in the U.S., Suzanne created Barreamped, based on classic technique, a neutral spine, and a solid foundation of alignment.


Suzanne's mission in her work is to teach encouraging workouts based on good form and safe alignment in efforts to help others achieve the results they desire in both body and mind.

She hopes that her influence helps her followers get off the treadmill of perfection in order that they can be the best versions of themselves.

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