Treme complete Season 2. Staffel 4 DVD Set

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You won't find many television series whose defining event occurred before the first episode of the first season.


Then again, there aren't many, if any, series like HBO's Treme. Created by writer-producers David Simon (of The Wire) and Eric Overmyer, this show has as its driving force, its raison d'être, Katrina, the hurricane that decimated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in 2005.


As before, it's the music that remains the show's soul and constant heartbeat, whether it's provided by regulars like Antoine, Annie, and trumpeter Delmond Lambreaux (Rob Brown), who's trying to simultaneously update and honor the traditional New Orleans sound, or guest artists including John Hiatt and Shawn Colvin.


You might tune in for the writing and acting (both excellent), but in the end, it's the sounds of Treme that will keep you coming back


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