Wimbledon The Record Breakers Tennis DVD

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Wimbledon - The Record Breakers is a powerful, revealing account of some of the most important records to have been achieved at The Wimbledon Championships in the modern era.

In 1985 Boris Becker shocked the world by winning the Men's Singles Final at the age of 17. Becker recalls his magical journey to become the youngest men's champion, the first German and the first unseeded player to win the Men's Singles title.

With nine Ladies Singles titles to her name, the naturalized American Martina Navratilova is the most successful woman to have played at Wimbledon. From her fist singles success in 1978 to her last in 1990, Martina recalls her path to record breaking glory.

In 1979 Navratilova helped Billie Jean King to achieve a record twenty titles with their success in the Ladies Doubles Final, a feat which Martina herself has now equaled.

Narrated by Geoffrey Palmer and written by Andrew Longmore, Wimbledon - The Record Breakers is a fascinating insight into the minds of some of Wimbledon's greatest champions as they recall their most famous record-breaking triumphs on the hallowed turf of the All England Lawn Tennis Club.


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